Our Approach

Our Approach

Balance Group is based on accuracy, performance, and trust. “Our goal is to take care of your books so that you can take care of your business.” We deliver the most personalized service in the industry. Our team is committed to meeting your needs while we look for efficiencies in your work flow and cash flow as an extension of your team. We work closely with the rest of your team from your financial advisor to accountant. We are careful with your money and our own. And with rates starting at $45/hr we are surprisingly affordable too!

Our Story

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours is no exception. Fresh out of college with a Bachelors in Marketing and Accounting, Iesha started bookkeeping in 2006 for a small company in Virginia. When that company eventually went under many of her original clients reached out directly to her to have her maintain their books. Within a matter of months she was bookkeeping full-time. As referrals grew she realized there was a desperate need for reliable, relatable and affordable bookkeeping services for small businesses in the DC area. And now, after over 10 years, we service over 30 individuals and businesses in industries ranging from software development to e-commerce to government contracting to law firms, PR agencies, and non-profits.

Meet the Owner

Meet the person overseeing your books.

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Iesha Holy


Iesha is a closet nerd that loves crunching numbers and entrepreneurship. When she's not at her computer (or in your office!) she's biking, boating or traveling. She lives in Washington, DC with her two companions--Saki and Richie.

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